City of Refuge Launches Special School in Alikazaure community

This is a street in the hinter community of the famous Alikazaure, of Jos North, Plateau State. This is posited to be the biggest Hausa/Fulani community on the Plateau.

Few years ago I couldn’t cross over here and they couldn’t cross over to my zone. For reasons we could not even codify sensibly, we aimed our knifes at each other’s throat. But on the 1st of April, rather than act as fools, we chose to orchestrate a catalytic rendezvous here. The discussions were realistic, down to earth and particularly moving! We identified needs. We resolve to act. We will help the destitute amongst us to think for themselves and to create a sustainable future for our world. We will heal the wounds in our community. We will do it together. We will love ourselves to healing point.

The immediate step is to extend our model of FREE EDUCATION to the disadvantaged here. So with utmost joy I announce our firm immediate resolve: City of Refuge Special School Alikazaure community !

In moments like this, I touch the very essence of my being.

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