Facilities in City of Refuge – Friends’ Club

City of Refuge Special School

A free school for the disadvantaged and school dropouts

  • Junior Secondary School
  •  Senior Secondary School

City of Refuge Youth Club

  •  Sport facilities for various games
  •  Inspirational/Motivational talks to young people
  • Campaign against HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and other vices

City of Refuge Library and Readers’ Club

  • Academic books
  • Biographies/Autobiographies
  • Novels
  • Journals, Magazines, Periodicals etc.

City of Refuge Rural Outreach

  • Distribution of relief materials to the disadvantaged
  • Identification of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) for support

City of Refuge Prison Outreach

City of Refuge Prison School

  •  Secondary school
  • Primary/Adult Education

City of Refuge Prison Readers’ Club

  •  Saturday borrowing  of books and discourse/interaction

City of Refuge Legal Department

  • Provision of legal services to Awaiting Trial Men inmates (ATM)
  • Counseling and moral support

City of Refuge Youth Hostel

  • Accommodation, soft loan and free education to ex-convicts
  • Rehabilitation of ex-convicts
  •  Rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents

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