Prison’s Readers’ Club & School

Concerned about the situation of prisoners, the lack of creative recreation in the prison, Nen’s library in conjunction with the youth Club launched into the Pankshin Prison, Plateau State of Nigeria, and formed a Reader’s club called City of Refuge Readers’ Club. From Nen’s library books are taken to the Pankshin Prison every Saturday from 10.00am to 12.00noon. The books are displayed in the Prison’s Welfare office and inmates come to borrow. After a week, fresh books are brought to the inmates and the ones given the previous week retrieved.

The inmates give a summary of what they read and learnt when they return the books to borrow fresh ones. The club discovered through this interaction that many of the inmates have great potentials and if given the chance could go back to school and be developed for fruitful service in the future. The club liaised with the prison authority and a school was formed in the prison, which was named City of Refuge Prison School. The club supplies chalks, text books, exercise books, pencils, biros and other study materials to the school. Inmates who come to the prison as illiterates and join the school are able to learn how to read and write before discharge. They take the adult literacy examination and if they pass, certificates are given to them. Dropped-outs from school are encouraged to further their studies after discharge from the prison.