What We Believe

Only mass education can liberate our people from the oppression of ignorance and poverty.  City of Refuge agrees with Nelson Mandela that without education no child of peasant can become a pilot, a doctor, lawyer or a teacher. Without education there is no hope that the children of the poor can ever become lawmakers, superintendents of large metropolitan schools. Without education no child of labourers can dream of ever becoming a Governor or the President of any great nation, no matter how gifted! Without education, we can never fully utilize the immense human resources and the talents of our people. Our geniuses would never be discovered and developed without education – why should there be such a loss? Without education a people are doomed for gloom. Education is the surest ally for the emancipation of the poor. Education restores the dignity of humanity as a whole.

City of Refuge advocates for Mass Education, which must enter every nook and cranny. The club sees Mass Education as the answer for the ills of the society. An educated person can think for himself, thus liberate himself and his society from oppressions. With knowledge man can advance God’s universe.

City of Refuge believes in the emergence of a new society, a new world, where integrity, the brotherhood of men and the fear of God become the order of the day, and where people live a purpose driven life. This is about the Creation of a sustainable future for the world, and this must start with you and me!